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ECW connector brings Terabyte images to ArcIMS

Earth Resource Mapping’s new ECW Connector for ArcIMS enables seamless gigabyte and terabyte image mosaics to be served from within ArcIMS. The days of GIS professionals painstakingly managing and piecing together small image tiles is a thing of the past. The ECW Connector for ArcIMS provides easy and fast serving of huge image mosaics.

Full color-balanced, seamless mosaics can be quickly and easily created with a few simple mouse clicks using ER Mapper and the ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet) image format. A single mosaic can cover the full project area for city, state or even a countrywide image view. The ECW Connector enables ArcIMS to serve these ECW image mosaic in views at any resolution from mosaic wide overviews right down to pixel level views. There is no need to load thousands of image tiles into ArcSDE and no need to create cumbersome image pyramids, greatly simplifying management of large amounts of image data. For lightning-fast performance there is a straightforward upgrade path to Image Web Server from ECW Connector. Image Web Server ‘streams’ ECW files to end users, which is significantly more efficient than legacy image sub-setting solutions. Image Web Server allows ECW images to be viewed within almost any GIS or desktop office application, simultaneously reducing network and web server CPU loads.

The ECW Connector for ArcIMS was released on 31st March 2003.