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Ecuador to survey capital city for metro project

Quito, Ecuador: For the first time, Ecuador commissioned a comprehensive geological survey of the capital city, Quito, to determine the feasibility of underground metro rail project. For this purpose, Metro Unit of Quito (UNMQ) will conduct seismic testing, measure groundwater level and prepare 3D maps of the city. Patricio Romero, Technical Coordinator at the UNMQ informed that a compilation of 150 thematic maps have been mounted throughout the preliminary layout of the subway.

In the first phase of the survey, the authority will check status and feasibility of subways. And, in the second phase, they will conduct seismic mapping, followed by archaeology and geology survey.

Edgar Jacome, Manager at UNMQ, explained, “Since metro project will be underground, we need to know details about aquifers, streams, fills and soil types in the city. Geological studies are required as the city falls in an earthquake zone.”

For geological survey, drilling at 70 points throughout the city was done. Several tests were done to determine water table aquifer behaviour.

On completion of the survey findings will be shared with technical and academic bodies such as the Geophysical Institute, National Polytechnic of Ecuador.

Source: www.radiosucre.com.ec