Ecuador: IGM celebrates 86 years of institutional life

Ecuador: IGM celebrates 86 years of institutional life


With the presence of the Minister of National Defence, María Fernanda Espinosa; the head of the Joint Armed Forces Command of the Equator, Grad. Luis Garzón; and the Military High Command, the Military Geographic Institute (IGM) celebrated its 86º birthday of creation.

During the event, the IGM presented the results of research and innovations on cartography/geography in the field of defense and security, as well as the documentary support for development and security:

– Geoportal of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces and the Atlas of geographical areas exposed to natural and man-made events for Operational Command. This material provides geographic information – basemap, plus thematic information such as biophysical, social, and economic security of the country with updated data from official state institutions.

– App and orthophotos (photographic presentation of an area of Earth”s surface, whose elements have the same scale, without error and deformation) of liability sectors for military exercises of the War Academy.

– Official Orthophoto of Antarctic Ecuadorian scale 1:500 and 1:10.000.

– Environmental Geographic Atlas of Equator, containing thematic information relating to the environment geography, deforestation of tropical rainforest; the advance of the agricultural frontier; the increase in areas that present problems of desertification; the population growth in areas prone to natural and man-made hazards; land use; and the air, soil and water pollution caused by oil production, mining, industrial and agro-industrial activities, among others.

– Digital App and Essential Atlas of Ecuador, which contain updated and official geographic information that facilitates the teaching of geography in the levels of elementary and secondary education.

– 1st Collection 2014 Wonders of Ecuador in 3D. It is a publication that contains three-dimensional photographs of beautiful places around the country.

– Technical Specifications for mapping at scales 1:500.000, 1:1”000.000 and 1:2”000.000.

In this celebration of 86 years of institutional life, the IGM ratifies to continue fulfilling its mission to manage and implement research activities, control and geoinformation generation and transfer of knowledge and technology in geodesy, geomatics, cartography and technological development areas, with participants in research lines of the earth sciences, as well as documentary support for security and national defense development.

Source: IGM