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ECI takes up ‘vulnerability mapping’ of voters

Nainital, India: The Election Commission of India (ECI) issued a fresh set of instructions to the poll-bound states in India with regard to vulnerability mapping. The ECI has defined vulnerability as the susceptibility of any voter or section of voters, whether or not living in a geographically identifiable area, to be fully prevented from or influenced upon in relation to the exercise of his right to vote in a free and fair manner, through intimidation or use of undue influence or force of any kind on him/her.
The ECI stated, “The exercise of vulnerability mapping in the context of the Assembly elections is to be undertaken with the view to clearly identify, in advance, such voters or sections of voters who are likely to be “vulnerable”, the persons or other factors causing such vulnerability and taking adequate corrective action well in advance on the basis of such identification.”
Defining the first step in the exercise to be taken by the sector officers, the ECI directed that the sector officer must necessarily visit every locality or pocket in the area of every polling station in his area, hold widespread discussions with people there, gather information, and list the vulnerable households and families as well as the persons and factors causing such vulnerability.
Source: www.tribuneindia.com