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EC strict with land parcel identification rules

Sweden: The European Commission fined Sweden more than EUR 76 million for breaking the EC rules on land parcel identification that Ireland has been frantically trying to comply with. Almost EUR 100 million of the total fines handed down were in relation to the Land Parcel Identification System — Geographical Information System (LPIS-GIS). LPIS-GIS is better known to farmers here as the controversial ‘digitisation’ process that has caused significant delays in payments to farmers over the past 12 months.

The LPIS-GIS fine is part of total EUR 214 million penalty on member states for breaking EU rules surrounding agricultural policy funds. Sweden fell foul of the EC’s land parcel identification rules and was fined EUR 76.6m for weaknesses in the LPIS-GIS, administrative controls and sanctions for area-aid expenditures, including area-based rural development measures.

The other big offenders included Italy (EUR 70.9m) and Denmark (EUR 22.3m).

Source: www.independent.ie