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EC against terrestrial use of satellite spectrum

France: The European Commission (EC) added its name to the list of opposes to LightSquared’s plan to use satellite band frequencies for a ground network of broadband transmitters in the US.
Analysis by the European Space Agency (ESA) found that signals from LightSquared’s network may cause “harmful interference” to the Galileo system, Heinz Zourek, head of the European Commission’s industry department, said in a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski.
Zourek’s concerns echo objections to LightSquared raised by makers and users of navigation devices that operate on the U.S. global-positioning system. The GPS industry says that the Reston, Virginia-based company’s service may overwhelm their signals, which come from satellites, and interfere with aircraft, boats, tractors and cars.
LightSquared said on June 30 that it wouldn’t use all the airwaves allocated to it, cutting interference to more than 99 percent of GPS devices. The FCC is taking comments on the revised plan until Aug. 15 and faces no deadline to act.
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Source: Bloomberg