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Easy access to data through GIS interface

Mapplet.NET is built on several new generation technologies including ArcMap Server, an ArcIMS component from ESRI, and .NET technology from Microsoft. It is compatible with either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases. It has also been integrated with several 3rd party applications including SharePoint from Microsoft, LibertyWeb from LibertyIMS, Springbrook’s billing system, and MapLibrary from DCSE.

Mapplet.Net allows users to access data and documents from disparate databases via a GIS front-end. The end users customize their environment by creating views of the data being served from the GIS server. The map project used in the interface is served up by the ArcMap Server feature of ArcIMS and is probably already available within the customer’s GIS. Among the other useful features of Mapplet.NET is the ability to generate charts using time series data and create high-quality maps over the Web. The integration with MapLibrary makes publishing those maps to the enterprise a breeze for the end user.

Mapplet.Net has solution for organizations that have invested heavily in GIS and need to provide a simple and efficient method of enabling their users to view and share enterprise data and documents. Mapplet.Net offers a configurable-off-the-shelf solution to implementation of ArcIMS at the enterprise level without any custom development.