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East View Cartographic is now East View Geospatial

Minneapolis, US: East View Cartographic (EVC) has changed its name to East View Geospatial (EVG). The name change reflects EVC’s evolution from its founding in 1996 to today. Throughout the 90’s, EVC supplied mostly print maps to academic, government and commercial interests. As EVC grew, they added production services and began to procure and build digital geospatial datasets.

Founder and CEO, Kent D Lee said, “We reached a point where referring to ourselves as East View Cartographic no longer fully represented our products and services. We procure and add value to all forms of geospatial data. East View Geospatial represents us quite well. EVG continues to create cartographic products will do so, I suspect, forever. Although digital geospatial data has risen in importance, print will always have its place.”

 “Geospatial.com is arguably the world’s most comprehensive aggregation of geospatial metadata. East
View has always prided itself on letting the world see what is factually or theoretically available and further, acquiring uncommon information from extraordinary places; this new website is powerful and equally serves the GIS professional as it does the adventure traveler,” added Rodney Buhrsmith, Chief Marketing Officer.

Source: East View