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East View Cartographic expands to Europe

Minneapolis, USA, October 10, 2007: East View Cartographic, Inc. announced the appointment of Mr. Paul Verhaere as Office Director for its European facility. Verhaere is charged with leading the opening of East View’s newest international office in Europe, East View Information Services, B.V., located in Arnhem, The Netherlands. His initial focus will be a solutions-oriented one, with an emphasis on expanding EVC’s global rapid mapping and data sourcing capabilities for key EU markets.

Verhaere, a graduate of the Royal Netherlands Military Academy and officer in the Royal Netherlands Army for 16 years, was Chief Procurement Officer in the Royal Netherlands Army Geographic Agency (RNLAGA) in the Dutch Ministry of Defence. His cartographic experience includes extensive work managing the development of new products for special operations forces, mission commands, joint forces expeditions, and peace-keeping deployments.