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East View Cartographic acquires unique geological map collection from Telberg

Minneapolis, USA, 15 August 2006: East View Cartographic (EVC), a provider of geospatial data including vector data, DEMs, satellite imagery, topographic maps, nautical charts, and geological maps, has made an acquisition of geological maps and atlases. This collection, purchased from the Telberg Geological Map Service, contains thousands of unique items from regions such as China, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

According to Kent Lee, President and CEO of EVC, “EVC will work to make thousands of titles from around the world readily available by systematically cataloguing and digitizing perhaps the first comprehensive private collection of worldwide geological maps.”

Core elements of the Telberg collection include virtually every geological map and atlas published in China since the end of the Cultural Revolution; geological maps and atlases from almost every country in Africa; items from virtually every country in Asia; complete regional Latin American coverage for geological maps and atlases; one of the world’s most complete assemblies of Soviet geological and geoscientific maps, and atlases; and many unusual geological publications.

Many items in the Telberg collection are now virtually impossible to obtain because they were produced in low press runs and come from some of the world’s most closed and isolated countries. Core elements include:

African geological maps and atlases – Virtually every country from Algeria to Zimbabwe is represented. Maps include those produced by colonial European authorities (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain), as well as modern Soviet-assisted maps, United Nations (UNESCO, etc.) sponsored maps, and post-independence maps.

Chinese geological maps and atlases – The Telberg’s comprehensively imported virtually every geological map, atlas and reference publication from China since the end of the Cultural Revolution in the mid-1970s. Hundreds are now available, including many rare provincial-level geological publications.

Asian geological maps and atlases – Countries of the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East and Oceania are depicted in a full spectrum of detail, large scale to small scale.

Latin American geological maps and atlases – Complete regional coverage, from Mexico and Cuba in the north to Argentina, Brazil and Chile in the south. The Telberg collection even includes some extremely rare topographic maps.

Soviet-produced publications – Probably the world’s most complete single collection of Soviet geological and geoscientific maps, atlases, and related reference works. Also substantial collections of political-administrative publications (including numerous oblast-level maps), as well as works by Soviet geologists covering numerous countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Other unusual geological and topographic maps and atlases. Includes oceanic/offshore geology, and polar geology (a number of virtually impossible-to-obtain Soviet atlases of the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as rare maps of Greenland). European and Canadian geological maps are also well-represented. Numerous countries, islands and territories are also covered in large-scale topographic maps.