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‘Earthscapes Forever” stamps feature Landsat views of earth

US: The US Postal Service released a series of 15 Earthscapes Forever stamps that depict America”s diverse landscapes viewed from aerial and satellite perspectives. Taken from heights of several hundred feet above the earth to several hundred miles up in space, the images on the stamps provide a new perspective on the world we live in.

“Once you”ve seen the world from above, you never look at it quite the same way again,” said Joseph Corbett Postal Service chief financial officer and executive vice president . “That”s why the Postal Service is proud to offer these Earthscapes stamps, which invite us to take a bird”s-eye view of the land we all share.”

The stamps present examples of three categories of Earthscapes: natural, agricultural and urban. The images were all taken high above the planet”s surface, either carefully composed by photographers in aircraft or snapped by satellites orbiting the earth.

“For nearly 50 years, NASA has been at the forefront of looking at earth from the unique vantage point of space,” said Chris Scolese, center director at NASA”s Goddard Space Flight Center where the stamps were unveiled.

Each stamp represents a moment in time on Earth. NASA and the US Geological Survey”s Landsat 7 satellite captured two of the images used on the Earthscapes stamps, titled “Volcanic Crater” and “Center-Pivot Irrigation.”

“Obvious, Landsat images make beautiful stamps,” said Doug Morton, a NASA remote sensing scientist that works with Landsat data. “Every Landsat image, even if it”s not so beautiful, is a rich science dataset, carefully calibrated to provide a wealth of information about the health and composition of our planet.”

Source: NASA