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EarthScan adds DigitalGlobe and ImageSat to ImageNetworkT

EarthScan Network Inc., a leading provider of distribution and technology services for the remote sensing industry, has announced the addition of DigitalGlobe and ImageSat International as content providers of the ImageNetwork. The ImageNetwork is a growing group of companies committed to making the buying and selling of earth imagery faster, more efficient and more profitable by using EarthScan’s distribution platform.

“These two content provider relationships further expand access to high resolution satellite imagery to agents of the ImageNetwork,” says Kory Smith, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of EarthScan. “We continue to expand the network of agents and content providers and we added 13 new companies to the network in May. Member companies are gaining efficiency by buying and selling image products through EarthScan.” EarthScan has over 1200 image products listed in its online catalog and has multi-terabytes of archived imagery available for its agents and ImageCommerce storefronts. “The vision of the ImageNetwork is to connect image content with image consuming markets via multiple technologies, and the signing of these two major players puts some key pieces into place”, says John Rasure, CEO of EarthScan. “Working with the member companies, we’ve solidified our ImageBroker(tm) concept, and by the end of the year, we hope to release the first version of the ImageBroker technology, which will further automate and simplify the process of searching, ordering and delivering imagery and other sources of geospatial data.”