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GlobeXplorer, the provider of online aerial and satellite imagery, recently announced the latest addition to its archive: EarthSat’s NaturalVue 2000 collection of 15-meter satellite orthophotos covering the entire globe. The new agreement makes this comprehensive dataset easily available to national and world government organizations, natural resource planners, and the general public within GlobeXplorer’s suite of Internet based products.

This includes the ImageAtlas viewer at GlobeXplorer.com, the ImageBuilder toolkits for web developers and programmers, or the ImageConnect extensions for GIS and CAD software. NaturalVue 2000 covers virtually all the land area of the Earth. NaturalVue is more accurate than most topographic maps at 1:100,000 scale and is 30 times more detailed than the next highest resolution global satellite data. It is based entirely on the US government’s Landsat 7 data acquired between 1999 and 2001.