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earthmine unveils urban 3D mapping technology

San Diego, USA, September 24, 2007: earthmine will unveil its mapping technology to collect, deliver and utilize accurate street-level three dimensional geospatial information for urban environments at the DEMO fall 07 Conference.

earthmine integrates hardware, software and workflow technologies to deliver accurate street-level geospatial data through a web-based interface. The core technology, coined reality indexing, manages the entire flow of information, from streamlined data collection and data processing, to web-based dissemination. The three dimensional, high resolution, panoramic images are collected through an automated vehicle-based camera array, with the ability to capture entire metropolitan areas in a few weeks.

The company will focus on delivering solutions to cities and enterprises with strong GIS initiatives, the existing large and mature GIS System Integrator channel that supports them, and the emerging market for web-based mapping applications.

earthmine expects to deliver beta technology to customers near the end of 2007. The company is privately funded and will be seeking a round of venture funding toward the end of the year.

“If earthmine delivers even ten percent of what they are describing, it has tremendous commercial viability,” said David Sonnen, IDC consultant for Spatial Information Management Research. “The promise of earthmine’s technology and its ability to tie web delivery with the enormous stores of existing geospatial data out there is really quite significant. The positional accuracy of earthmine’s technology coupled with its ability to automate the production environment workflow truly differentiates it. I haven’t seen anyone doing anything like this in a way that could be broadly scaled.”