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Earthmine partners with Mandli to strengthen transportation sector

California, US: Earthmine Incorporated partnered with Mandli Communications to bring earthmine 3D street level imagery to the transportation market. As part of the partnership, earthmine will be providing Mandli with mobile 3D mapping hardware, software, and services that streamline statewide right-of-way asset data collection, processing, delivery and integration.

“The earthmine camera system and workflows are by far the most refined in the industry,” said Ray Mandli, President of Mandli Communications. “We consider it to be a very high-value system. To be able to collect imagery of the depth and clarity that earthmine provides will be a huge advantage for our company.”

“We are very excited to have Mandli as an earthmine partner, especially given their leadership and experience in delivering integrated spatial solutions to the transportation market,” said Anthony Fassero, co-CEO of earthmine. “Mandli’s ability to integrate complex systems that deliver bottom-line value is shown by their depth of customers. earthmine’s 3D imaging solution fits nicely with Mandli’s current technology and ability to deliver cutting edge, cost effective and complete asset and pavement management solutions to US state DOT customers.”

Mandli is an industry leader in the design and development of highly specialised digital imaging, data collection equipment, and operational methodologies for various Departments of Transportation around the world. Offering a wide variety of uses, from replacing traditional right-of-way imaging to supporting asset collection and extraction, which deliver both cost savings and improved employee safety, earthmine’s solution brings immense value to the transportation industry. Mandli will offer the full range of earthmine products and solutions, from data collection services to software and data hosting. Beginning immediately, Mandli is integrating the earthmine MARS system with their already established mobile LiDAR, pavement and retro-reflectivity systems.

Source: Market Watch