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earthmine Australia eyes 3D map market

Australia: MapData Services (MDS), a subsidiary of Esri Australia, partnered with earthmine Australia, a 3D imagery expert. This alliance will see online data mapping specialists MDS – which is renowned for developing online maps and mobile apps – introduce a powerful new 3D street level imagery capability to their portfolio. The technology will also be available to Esri Australia’s clients through the partnership.

MDS General Manager Cassandra Barker said the alliance heralded the future of organisational data management and analysis in Australia. “Managing information from a geographic, map-based perspective has become common place in today’s business environment – but user expectations have grown beyond flat, 2D imagery,” Barker stated.
“Through MDS’ partnership with earthmine Australia, we can create a compelling ‘real-life’ digital experience that transports the user into a dynamic virtual world. For a staff member in a government department, this could mean performing audits on council assets – such trees or roads – from their computer, without having to make a trip into the field. For retailers – it could mean providing customers with an ‘augmented reality’ mobile app that creates a highly personalised, cutting-edge shopping experience. Real estate agents could use the technology to virtually show prospective buyers around properties and neighbourhoods – without actually leaving the office. The implications of this partnership are enormous – and as the nation’s leading digital mapping specialists, we are eager to start delivering this capability to Australian businesses,” Barker added.
earthmine Australia CEO Peter Markham said the alliance would enable MDS to deliver highly accurate, panoramic street level 3D imagery of suburbs, cities and states Australia-wide. “Businesses will be able to collect their own data – or tap into our library of pre-existing 3D street level imagery to create a visual experience unlike any other,” Markham noted.
“Through our partnership with MDS, we are looking forward to delivering an exciting new approach for managing and visualising assets that will benefit many Australian organisations.”
Unlike other imagery software solutions in the market, the end-to-end earthmine solution has plug ins for seamless integration with major GIS technology, including AutoCAD and the world-leading Esri ArcGIS platform. “GIS professionals will now be able to view their spatial data and analysis in the context of the real world,” added Barker.
“Users can easily navigate their geodatabase in 3D and layer spatial information on top of vivid real-world imagery to achieve a new and incredibly detailed perspective of a situation.”
Barker observed the onset of location-aware 3D technology was coming at the right time for progressive Australian businesses – many of which are already leveraging location-based technology. “Thousands of organisations across the country already use mapping in their day to day business – whether it’s to provide store locations to customers, or manage their assets or analyse their data,” Barker opined.
Source: Esri Australia