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EarthData purchases SGI InfiniteStorage 4500 and DMF for managing data from GeoSAR radar mapping system

Orlando, USA, 16 November 2006 – SGI recently announced that EarthData International (EarthData), a geospatial services organization, has purchased SGI InfiniteStorage products to help EarthData increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of producing high-resolution image and terrain maps for two separate GeoSAR radar mapping system projects, both on behalf of public sector customers.

“One of the biggest challenges of our radar mapping system is the massive amount of radar data that must be managed, processed, and stored,” said Mary Hiatt, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, EarthData.

To manage the deluge of radar data, EarthData has built upon its already existing SGI storage area network (SAN) by doubling its near-online storage capacity from 250 terabytes to 500 terabytes. EarthData is also currently in the process of increasing online storage (fibre channel) to up to 75 terabytes – nearly a fivefold increase.

EarthData has implemented the SGI InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility (DMF) to streamline data management and availability. SGI helps customers like EarthData to flexibly and economically adapt to changing data access patterns with DMF, which transparently migrates files from online storage to near-line storage based on user-defined criteria such as time of last access.

Without DMF, the only choice most SGI customers have is to either maintain a huge pool of inactive data on expensive disk storage or manually archive that data to tape, where it is difficult or impossible to access. With DMF, a nearly infinite data store can be cost-effectively maintained and managed without sacrificing accessibility. All data is transparently recalled to primary storage when accessed, so users never need to know where the data resides. Many SGI customers are already using DMF to manage over a petabyte of data with no end in sight.

EarthData’s storage solution also includes the SGI InfiniteStorage 4500, which addresses high performance computing applications, such as the processing and storage of radar data. The SGI InfiniteStorage 4500 delivers uncompromising performance with each Fibre Channel host providing up to 400MB/second and up to four host ports per adapter. The InfiniteStorage 4500 ensures that critical data remains accessible through the highest reliability components and high availability features such as fully redundant I/O paths, automated failover, hot-swappable components and online administration.

– About GeoSAR
EarthData’s GeoSAR radar mapping system is capable of mapping thousands of square kilometers at a time, day or night, and in almost any weather condition to deliver mapping data of a scale, accuracy, and completeness never before possible for this type of topography.

Mounted on a jet aircraft and using two radar bands simultaneously, the GeoSAR system flies over an area and collects extremely accurate images and three-dimensional models of the forest canopy surface as well as terrain beneath the canopy.

– About EarthData
The EarthData organization comprises more than 300 professionals working in the United States and abroad. Mapping-based acquisition and processing capabilities include both film-based and digital aerial photography, as well as thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral, lidar, and radar (IFSAR) data. The EarthData organization includes three member companies: EarthData International, Horizons, EarthData Pacifica. For more info visit: https://www.earthdata.com