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EarthData expands sensor suite with Leica LIDAR System

Nov 5, 2002 – With the addition of a new state-of-the-art Leica ALS40 Airborne Laser Scanner, EarthData (Manassas, Va., USA) has expanded its sensor suite to meet an even wider range of client needs for elevation data. The new system augments the company’s existing LIDAR capability with multi-return intensity capture at greatly increased pulse and scan rates as well as automatic roll stabilization, critical components for efficient production of high-resolution LIDAR-derived elevation data.

Steve DeLoach, Vice President, EarthData Technologies, the group’s research and new technology development arm, explained that the decision to acquire the new Leica system was driven both by client demands for high resolution LIDAR data and the company’s commitment to constantly increase production efficiency in all areas of the business. Ron Roth, ALS40 Product Manager, Leica Geosystems, GIS & Mapping Division, emphasized the value of partnering with long-time clients such as EarthData.