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Earth Search Sciences, Inc. has announced that it has developed a georectification software program for use with Probe 1 hyper-spectral data. This program offers clients greatly improved accuracy in the geo-referencing of hyper-spectral image maps. Geo-referencing imagery is the process of accurately positioning the imagery relative to a map coordinate system. Once georeferenced, the imagery can be integrated with other georeferenced information such as streets, buildings, bodies of water, and topography. To aid in the georeferencing of PROBE-1 imagery, a C-MIGITS(TM) II Inertial Navigation System / Global Positioning System (INS/GPS), developed by Boeing Corp., is used to record the PROBE-1 instrument’s position and orientation ten times a second. Using data from the INS and differential GPS unit, the software program developed by ESSI accurately calculates ground coordinates for every pixel in a PROBE-1 image. The output from ESSI’s georectification program can be used in a variety of commercial software programs to generate hyperspectral image maps in virtually any map projection. Georeferenced imagery or processed results can also be overlain on 3-D digital elevation models. Users of hyperspectral imagery for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration have been very successful without needing a highly accurate georeferencing capability. However, the company believes that this highly accurate georeferencing capability will be extremely valuable to groups that use hyperspectral imagery in environmental and vegetation studies. The Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, US National Forest Service, and various state, local, and federal government agencies are expected to be users of georeferenced hyperspectral imagery for many applications, including the identification of noxious weeds, infested and diseased trees, and areas of especially high fire potential in the nation’s forests.