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Earth Science Satellite RS Vol. 1 / Science and Instruments

The first volume of this book covers the important topics of Earth science remote sensing. The volume methodically covers a variety of Earth science data sets obtained from several remote sensing sensors, and is divided into three main sections, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro radiometer (MODIS) data and data processing; National Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) and NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) missions; and several other missions.

In some ways the division into 3 main components makes a lot of sense: MODIS represents advanced global Earth observing covering all components of the Earth as it presently stands.

NPP and NPOESS represent advanced future observing systems and, in the case of NPOESS future operational systems, also rely on heritage sensors such as MODIS. The third category represents equally valuable observing systems. They all help, we believe, to provide the reader with information about the exciting field of Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing (RS). We provide here a synopsis of the volume, heavily using material provided in the chapters themselves.

The material is surely not ours; it is the authors’ works, which we have relied on. The reader is guided to references and more detailed discussion in the chapters themselves, written by the experts in the relevant areas.