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Earth observatory at Edinburgh University

A center of excellence for tackling environmental problems is to be set up by scientists at Edinburgh University. The Edinburgh Earth Observatory (EEO) will examine global warming, deforestation, earthquake monitoring and the quest for sustainable energy sources.

The EEO, to be launched this week at Dynamic Earth, will see experts from the university’s School of Geosciences collaborate with institutions like the Forestry Commission, the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and the Ordnance Survey.

Speakers will include university rector Tam Dalyell, who will offer a political perspective on the growing field of Earth observation.

There will be presentations on three major Edinburgh-led projects: the Gems initiative, which will set up an international network of stress sensors to help forecast earthquakes; the Geospace project, which will use satellite data to examine the Earth’s magnetic field; and a collaboration involving Nasa’s Aura satellite which measures atmospheric water vapour, ozone and other chemicals.