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Earth Challenge 2020 initiative launched

The Earth Challenge 2020 has been launches as the world is all set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Earth day on April 22. The project will help in creating global expansion of p[en source citizen science data and opportunities for civic engagement. This challenge is led by principle partners Earth Day Network, the Wilson Center and the US Department of State’s Eco-Capitals Forum. It has been development for over three years, It also attracted a broad alliance of organisations and institutions around the world.

This challenge consists of two goals.The first one is to collect the citizen science worldwide, with an aim to create a point of entry for the research as well as public policy community. The role of second one is to provide the user of the Earth Challenge 2020 app ta chance to take a civic action that are connected to issues in their own country. This app is available in 11 languages worldwide. Keeping the Earth day in mind, the focus will be on two research areas, which are air quality and plastic pollution.

In next few months, the issues that will be added include areas like water quality, food security , local climate impacts among others. The ongoing , CAVID-19 pandemic has also reinforced the understanding of science in protecting the environment. The app also enables participants to take part in authentic environmental research from their .

The earth challenge initiative include challenges like filling up pf data gaps to help experts and society understand damaging environmental trends, engaging millions in the role of science to chow how their participation is contributing to a larger data set, among others.

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, the organisation that coordinates Earth Day, has been quoted by giscafe.com as sying, “Now, people everywhere can help build the most up-to-date scientific assessments needed globally, and at the same time take action locally. Everyone can become a citizen scientist and during the pandemic do so from the safety of their homes.”

“As the only think tank participating in the Earth Challenge Initiative, the Wilson Center is pleased to partner with impressive organizations to accomplish what has never been done before: collecting and aggregating a billion points of data to give policymakers, researchers, and the public alike more accurate information about our health and environment. We are an ideas factory, and empowering people around the world to be part of new solutions is what we do best. And this is the essence of citizen science,” added Jane Harman, CEO and President of the Wilson Center, as per the website.