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EARS-ATMS, EARS-CrIS include Moscow in geographical coverage

Germany: The purpose of the EARS-ATMS service is to collect data from the ATMS instrument onboard the Suomi-NPP spacecraft. Operated by NASA and NOAA, the EARS-CrIS collects data from the CrIS instrument on the same satellite.

Now, the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet), their European regional centre in Moscow has made available more timely regional Suomi-NPP data from the two instruments. On 6 April EARS began disseminating products from these two sounders through EUMETCast and WMO’s Global Transmission Service.

This is an extension of the existing EARS-ATMS and EARS-CrIS services, whose geographical coverage was provided by the five Core EARS European Stations: Lannion, Maspalomas, Athens, Svalbard and Kangerlussuaq. Roshydromet's Scientific Research Centre of Space Hydrometeorology (SRC Planeta) team optimised all the distribution and processing mechanisms so the data was timely enough to be able to be used for EARS.

Source: Eumetsat