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Eagle Point launches Autodesk Construction Cloud Content on award-winning platform

US: Eagle Point Software Corporation has announced that it has added content and training for industry-leading Autodesk Construction Cloud™ (ACC) solutions Assemble®, BuildingConnected® and PlanGrid®. Assemble is a model conditioning and quantity estimate tool, BuildingConnected is a bid-management solution and PlanGrid is a field collaboration software. ACC brings these leading solutions together, and with Autodesk’s established design authoring tools, connects headquarters, office and field teams to increase collaboration and productivity across the entire building lifecycle, from design through operations.  ACC solutions were added to Pinnacle Series’ robust content library which already includes BIM 360, Revit, Navisworks and more. Customers in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry now have access to the tools they need for construction success in one centralized place, including interoperability workflows, Work Groups, on-demand over the shoulder help and more.

“The construction industry is transforming and the longer it takes an organization to effectively adopt leading technology like Autodesk’s connected construction solutions, the larger its opportunity costs will be,” said John Biver, president and CEO, Eagle Point Software. “Pinnacle Series has simplified the process of adopting new technology for years, and it continues to help the construction industry address its biggest challenges by making innovative solutions like Autodesk Construction Cloud accessible. If you haven’t seen Pinnacle Series in a while, it’s time to take another look.”

“As the construction industry goes through its digital transformation, guiding technology adoption with best practices, procedures, workflows and assistance is critical to ensure organizations are able to increase collaboration and productivity,” said Angi Izzi, director of partnerships, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Partnering with Eagle Point helps our customers in the construction industry access more training options to get the most out of their technology investments and build better.”

Eagle Point Software is a global software company that helps AEC organizations create efficiencies and profitability. Pinnacle Series is a platform providing relevant content and learning paths that build skill and standardize work across AEC departments and around the globe. In addition to providing on-demand training, the Pinnacle Series also helps organizations share best practices, workflows and standard operating procedures—all of which often change when new technology arrives. With the addition of ACC to Pinnacle Series, customers can now learn the tools driving connected construction work across the AEC industry –from design, estimating, team building, fieldwork and turnover through operations.