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Eagle offers advanced tech for 6-inch pixel aerial imagery

Irvine-based Eagle Aerial Imaging, Southern California’s supplier of aerial imagery, has expanded its portfolio to include engineering-quality accuracy, 6-inch pixel resolution ortho imagery as an off-the-shelf product. “With today’s tight budgets, having access to current, high-resolution, NMAS-accurate, flown-in-stereo, aerial photography is a very cost-effective solution,” said Wayne Tate, President, Eagle Aerial Imaging. Custom flight projects, depending on the scope, can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eagle offers this solution as an off-the-shelf stock ortho product.

Imagery found on mapping websites are not updated with any consistency, using mixed image photo dates within a narrow radius, making projects difficult to plan and assess. Limitations also occur in coverage, accuracy, resolution, and the ability to import images into popular applications. Eagle Aerial fills the need for current, high-resolution imagery for today’s customers’ demands.

According to Ray Wang, of the Irvine Company, “The quality of the imagery is exceptional. The colour balance is top-notch. The ability to zoom in close really makes a difference. We are using it now for a planting master plan because you can see and identify individual plants.”

Other municipalities, such as County of Orange Survey Department, Special Projects, use Eagle’s new 6-inch imagery. “We plotted the County wide Geodetic Network on top of the new Eagle OC 6” digital ortho. I was able to identify surveyed targets on the photos and everything fits very well. The most error I found was only a couple feet off, so all in all, everything fits extremely well,” said Art Andrew, Licensed Surveyor, County of Orange.