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EAD gets Excellence in GIS Implementation award

Dubai, UAE, 27 May 2007: The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) has been awarded the Excellence in GIS Implementation award at the GISWORX 2007 event in Dubai, UAE held recently. The award is given to organizations that foster the better utilization of GIS tools and experimentation in the area of GIS implementation.

EAD has been using GIS in the management, protection and conservation of Abu Dhabi’s environment since 2000, during which EAD established a GIS based environmental database and promoted the concept of an Abu Dhabi-wide Environmental Database. With this effort EAD brought together more than thirty different governmental organizations in Abu Dhabi to agree on a common framework for the development of the Database.

EAD has developed many GIS solutions for use internally. This includes a solution to track animals in order to study their habitats. EAD has also developed solutions to monitor the movement of hazardous materials in the Emirate and the quality of air. EAD has also formed a partnership with GISTEC, which has helped it develop the Abu Dhabi Chemicals and Hazardous Materials Management System.

EAD is also promoting the use of GIS and GPS among students in Abu Dhabi schools. One of such project is Green Mapping project which has already been initiated in five schools, which will help students study the Emirates’ habitats and environmental issues through GIS.