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E Team and ITspatial Form Strategic Alliance

E Team, the proven, market-leading provider of collaborative software for emergency and event management, and ITspatial, LLC, a leader in geospatial decision support tools, announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to deliver integrated software solutions for the defense, public safety and homeland security markets.
Integrating ITspatial’s InterSCOPE geo-spatial decision support product suite and real-time interactive 3D GIS mapping with E Team’s Web-based incident management software provides a comprehensive overview of an incident or emergency site within a geospatially accurate 3D model. Users can generate a virtual 3D environment directly from source data such as GIS, aerial imagery, and CAD.
The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Joint Operations Command Center (MPD JOCC) is currently using the E Team/ITspatial integrated solution. Together, the companies provide a Common Relevant Operating Picture to the MPD JOCC and to all stakeholders involved in incident response. The combined solution provides the MPD JOCC with the ability to coordinate all the various resources and to visualize locations and surrounding environments, enhancing their ability to manage complex events, incidents and emergencies.
The solution also provides executives and first responder teams with a suite of training and post-operative analysis review tools, including Command Center and Tabletop preparation drills, which take on a previously unattainable functionality and realism, and journaling capabilities during real-life incidents. These journals are saved for after-action analysis and review and to help train managers and first responders based on real-world experiences.