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E-mapping the Malaysia

A digital atlas of the Malaysia will be available in a few years, once the electronic maps (e-maps) of the all the states are completed. The process of mapping the country electronically began in July 2001, and the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia has just released e-maps of Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya and Kelantan. Preparing the digital atlas of the country is part of the National Atlas Information System project undertaken by Jupem under the Seventh Malaysia Plan. It will see these e-maps being packaged in CD-ROMs with virtual reality functions, 360-degree rotational views, zoom capabilities, specific scale selection, bearing identification and graphic user interfaces. Notwithstanding the digital technology, land mapping remains an arduous task of data collection and verification. Aside from the e-maps of Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya and Kelantan, Jupem will be expanding its catalogue to include e-maps of Selangor, Malacca and Perlis, which will be released soon. The e-maps are available to the public at RM5 each at Jupem’s map sales office in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, and also at its State offices.