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E-GPS GSM handset excels in indoor and outdoor environments

CPS, SiGe Semiconductor and Shanghai Simcom (“Simcom”), (UK) a wholly owned subsidiary of SIM Technology Group Limited, recently announced the Enhanced GPS (E-GPS) multimedia handset solution for GSM. The S788 handset solution, designed by Simcom, is a lightweight, palm-sized device delivering advanced multimedia features including high accuracy location based services (LBS), while optimizing performance, cost and battery life.

The S788 multimedia handset solution offers an MP3/MPEG4 player, touchscreen, and two megapixel camera in a slim, lightweight case. The handset’s E-GPS location capability is enabled by SiGe Semiconductor’s SE8088L GPS receiver and software, and CPS’ Enhanced-GPS software. The combination of SiGe’s and CPS’ technologies provides unparalleled performance, including accurate location fixes with a sub-four second time to first fix, in even the most challenging environments. As a result, consumers can enjoy new location services in indoor and dense urban areas, where satellite-based positioning systems tend to fail.

The S788 which will be readied for launch later this year, has improved battery performance, as E-GPS requires only 1 percent of the effort of traditional GPS devices, which use up valuable power searching for satellite signals.