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E-governance to soon be a reality for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

July 19 THE Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s e-governance plan will materialise within a fortnight, AMC Commissioner P Panneervel said on Friday. Under the plan, residents will be able to use Internet to lodge complaints regarding water, drainage and garbage on the net. In addition, people can even submit building plans and pay property tax bills through the Internet.

Announcing an ambitious plan, Panneervel said that over the next six to eight months, the AMC would implement a Geo-Indexing System (GIS) and Geo-Positioning System (GPS) in order to detect and stop illegal constructions.

Explaining further, he said that the AMC has a map of construction work being carried out on every sq metre of land in the city, but these keep changing and cannot be updated regularly. Under the GIS, there will be satellite pictures of land within the AMC limits.

Based on whether a Building Use permission has been issued or not, the geo-positioning system will highlight the area where an illegal structure has come up, he said.
Information of units, which have been given the BU permission, will be fed into a computer and updated regularly, the official said.

Under the e-governance system, AMC expects to solve problems regarding garbage, drainage and drinking water within 48 hours. As soon as a complaint is filed through this system, it will reach the office of the municipal commissioner from where it will be directed to the zonal office and then to the ward office. If the complainant gives his e-mail address, the AMC will inform him by mail whether the complaint is solved or not, he said.