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e-governance initiative from Alameda County

Alameda County has announced that it has used Autodesk MapGuide to Increase Efficiency on Election Night. With many recent elections across the country encountering problems with vote counting and reporting, the Information Technology Department worked with the Registrar of Voters of Alameda County to utilize Autodesk MapGuide from Autodesk, Inc. the world’s design software and digital content company. In an effort to increase the speed and accuracy of the vote count, Alameda County became the first county in California to use MapGuide to publish precinct-reporting results to election officials. The County interfaced results from the Diebold voting machines and successfully provided fast and accurate precinct-reporting results to election officials, along with the same information available to the public via the Internet for the November elections.

Autodesk MapGuide helps organizations develop, manage, and distribute GIS and design applications on the Internet or on intranets, broadening access to mission critical geographic data. By using MapGuide, Alameda County was able to generate real-time precinct reporting maps, which greatly enhanced publishing election results during the election reporting process. They will continue to use the system for all general and primary elections.