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e-Commerce site for worldwide maps and geospatial data launched by East View Cartographic

Minnesota, USA, 19 September 2006: East View Cartographic (EVC) today announced the launch of an updated e-Commerce site for sales of worldwide maps and geospatial data. The site, known as ‘EVC Store’, allows customers to browse availability of products and place orders 24 hours a day. The EVC Store currently includes global topographic map series, worldwide DEM coverage, geological maps, vector maps, related books and atlases, with imagery and nautical charts to be added in the near future. EVC Store can be accessed from the company’s home page at www.cartographic.com.

Development of the site is ongoing. Upon completion, EVC Store will provide access to the entirety of East View Cartographic’s inventory, and other collections that can be supplied on a just-in-time basis via reseller relationships. EVC welcomes map and/or data publisher inquiries concerning offering their products for sale via EVC Store.

East View Cartographic (EVC)
Minneapolis, USA based East View Cartographic (EVC) is a provider of authoritative worldwide maps, geospatial data, and GIS services. In addition, EVC provides high quality mapping and GIS services to support production of new geospatial information products, and to custom modify existing data according to customer requirements.