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dwgBase V2.05 released by CADATA

CADATA Consulting has announced the dwgBase V2.05 (Lite and 5 day Evaluation Version). With this release, dwgBase provides state of the art solutions for CAD data reporting for data consumers through dwgBase Lite and reporting and updating capability for data creators through dwgBase Pro. Major enhancements include the ability to search by layout and the ability to explode proxy entities for better searching. As well, the xref reporting has been enhanced.

In one inexpensive (no CAD license required) package, dwgBase provides industry leading solutions for block/attribute extraction, mini-document management, text value / pattern searching / extraction, database creation, connection and linking capabilities, xref/image management and more. And the extensive, easy to use searching and reporting templates can provide phenomenal functionality without expensive custom programming! Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, dwgBase delivers accurate information – right from the source drawings