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DVP-GS Version 6.3 photogrammetry software released

Quebec, Canada, 25 May 2007: DVP-GS has announced the release of Version 6.3 of its professional photogrammetry software. Major enhancements in DVP-GS version 6.3 include:

  • One-step batch import of stereomodels in O PKXYZ form
  • Optimization of mosaic polygon collection/edition
  • Ability to view stereo in the zone between flight lines (inter-line)
  • Optimized Planimetric Dodging and Color Balancing for images
  • New filters for imagery enhancement such as Auto contrast

    DVP GS Version 6.2 the previous version of 6.3 was released in February 2007 which had enhancements such as:

  • One-step mosaic creation from the aerial image negating the need for creating an intermediary orthophoto for each image.
  • On-the-fly global color balancing and image dodging, letting the user verify results before processing
  • Support for the output of rotated orthomosaics. This means that the pixel does not have to be North up.
  • Support for JPEG compressed 16-bit TIFF images
  • Optimized memory usage for large DEM and vector files

    Along with the major enhancements DVP also offers facilities such as plugins for Microstation, ArcGIS, and for AutoCAD.

    DVP’s technology is providing digital photogrammetric softwares which are available in a range of softwares to meet the needs of professionals working in cartography and GIS. DVP has adapted data and image acquisition technologies in each software package and can be utilized for the cartographic applications.