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DVP-GS Version 6.2 released

Canada, 31 January 2007 – DVP-GS has announced the release of Version 6.2 of its professional photogrammetry software. This updated version offers new and improved functionality that increases productivity. This version includes a completely revamped Orthomosaic module.

Key features in this module include:
– One-step mosaic creation from the aerial image negating the need for creating an intermediary orthophoto for each image.
– On-the-fly global color balancing and image dodging, letting the user verify results before processing
– Support for the output of rotated orthomosaics. This means that the pixel does not have to be North up. This is very useful for corridor projects and demonstrates DVP’s flexibility.

Other main enhancements in Version 6 platform:
– Support for JPEG compressed 16-bit TIFF images
– Optimized memory usage for large DEM and vector files
– More functions ported to our Javascript macro programming engine

While DVP can function in stand-alone mode, compatibility is always a major concern for us and our users, therefore this release continues to include plugins for Microstation, ArcGIS, and updated for AutoCAD 2007.

In DVP-GS’s evolving R&D efforts, please take note that Version 6.3 will be available at the end of April and Version 6.4 will be released in August 2007.

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