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Dutch govt to release geodata and satellite images

Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Recently, the Dutch government has announced two major data releases that will be forthcoming. The first initiative pertains to the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, which announced the creation of a national database for satellite images that will be available to the public and entrepreneurs. The ministry has allocated 4 million Euros to create this database.

Throwing light on the latest developments, Minister Verhagen said, “With these images fantastic things can be done. In a key sector such as agro-food you can use the satellite images in ways that computers on modern tractors can exactly indicate where and how much a farmer should spray water or pesticides.”

The satellite image database will centrally procure images and then make them public cheaply and quickly.

On the other hand, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment has announced that they will be contributing to the satellite database. Minister Schultz van Haegen will provide full access for free to the government’s ‘base registry’ of topographic data, maintained by the cadastre, starting January 1st, 2012. At the moment access to the full database costs 50,000 Euro.

Source: EPSI Platform