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Dublin conferences’ week to explore GIS potential

Dublin, Ireland: The 2013 Dublin Conferences” week, an Irish presidency associated event, will take place from March 4, 2013 to March 8, 2013 at the Convention Centre, Dublin. Conferences addressing environmental, economic development and governance issues will be held as per the following programme:

-European Environment Agency Eye on Earth User Conference – (from March 4 – March 6, 2013)
-Joint Research Centre – ENVIROFI Conference (March 6, 2013)
-EUROGI imaGIne Conference (March 7 – March 8, 2013)

The conference will focus on the numerous opportunities created by geospatial data, services and technologies. The aim of the conference is to give an insight on how GI as part of the data economy can help countries and companies, who are facing the impact of the current economic crisis, to be more cost-effective, to create (business) prospects, positive externalities and to advance the overall society.

Professor Mike Goodchild, Professor of Geography at the University of California, Geraldine McBride, President, SAP North America , Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist at Google, Suha Ulgen, Head, Centre of Excellence for UNSDI and Professor Jacqueline McGlad, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency are the confirmed keynote speakers for the EUROGI imaGIne Conference.

The last date for submission of abstracts is January 24, 2013.

Source: EUROGI