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Dubai’s indigenous trees get GPS monitors

Ghaf TreeDubai: The first phase of a project to digitally record the emirate’s indigenous trees has begun. The trees will be monitored via a GPS system. The project was launched by Hussain Lootah, the director general of Dubai Municipality. “This year the civic body decided to start with a unique project, which is numbering all types of traditional trees including Ghaf, Qarad, Atal, Sidr, Samar, Lathb and Rolla, with the aim to collect all data about these trees and keep its complete record digitally. The public parks department will work hard to provide a code for each tree with an electronic card in which the entire history of the tree is incorporated,” said Lootah.

“In the first stage, 10,000 trees in different areas of the emirate of Dubai will be numbered using a GPS system and all trees will be given a number plate with a code for the future monitoring and follow-up through a digitalised system. All the works will be done in coordination with the GIS Department of Dubai Municipality,” said Taleb Julfar, Director of the public parks and horticulture department. Since 1993 the municipality has rescued and relocated 10,219 Ghaf trees that were threatened by the expansion and modernisation of the city. All the numbered trees are now under the protection of the civic body and will not be cut down to make way for construction projects.

Source: The national