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Dubai to launch its EO satellite in 2017

Flight model of DubaiSat-2 during the thermal vacuum test Dubai: Dubai”s third earth-observation satellite, which will have more advanced imaging equipment than its two South Korean-built predecessors, is due to blast into space in 2017.

DubaiSat-3 will be a state-of-the-art small satellite carrying an electro-optical camera with 0.7-meter resolution imaging capability, but it weighs less than 350 kilograms. DubaiSat-3 will be built by the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (Eiast) in collaboration with South Korean company Satrec Initiative.

Work will begin in South Korea but the project will be transferred midway through the development process to a new satellite plant in Dubai. That process will take three and a half years. A team of 45 Emirati engineers will lead the project, with the Korean company acting as consultant.

Source: Satrec Initiative , EIAST