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Dubai, UAE: At the recent Intersec Trade Fair, Dubai Police offered the first glimpse of their 3D GIS, which can track police units involved in dangerous assignments such as hostage operations. The force is introducing the GIS technology that stores, analyses, and displays three-dimensional geographic information to help manage complex operations. It keeps track of field units tackling situations that require up-to-the-minute data, said Capt Ali Mohammed al Belrashid.

“This system is aimed at managing our field units in real time and to deal with hostage or terrorism situations.” said Capt Ali. The Dubai Police operations department has been fitted with 40 screens to handle the increase in cameras, radars and GIS technology.

“To implement all the new systems and technology a team within the police as been set up to put new procedures in place and ensure the smooth running of the new technology,” said Abdelbasit Aamoudi, chief officer in the operations department.

He said most of the work on the system was ongoing because of Dubai’s constantly changing skyline. “With the three-dimensional modelling, new data needs to be input on a daily basis as things change here, so work on these new systems continues to be on going as we look to better and cleverer ways to police the city,” Mr Amoudi said.