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Dubai Police HQ equipped with GPS

Dubai, UAE, 15 April 2006: Siemens announced that it has equipped the newly erected police headquarters in Dubai with communications technology, IT infrastructure, software and security technology. All vehicles used by the police and emergency services are equipped with GPS and navigation systems, which means the supervisors at headquarters can immediately see which vehicle has the shortest distance to travel to reach the site of an operation. This enables police, emergency medical personnel and fire crews to reach the scene in far less time.

Headquarters will have an overview of the whole operation and can coordinate individual patrol cars via radio. With their navigation system displays, the drivers can also retrieve information about a mission and keep abreast of developments at all times. The new building, which will be opened later this year, features a high-tech emergency call system, that will enable police, the fire department and ambulance services to react more quickly and collaborate more effectively.

For mission planning, the system automatically recommends which routes the fire engines should take, for example, or how the scene of an accident should be secured. This also makes it easier to track down offenders.