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Dubai plans to spread awareness against drone cameras

Dubai: Authorities in Dubai are planning to launch a campaign to educate drone enthusiasts about the gadgets equipped with cameras, are breaking a law that is in force in Dubai from nine months. The law came into force in last April; three months after recreational drones strayed on to flight paths at Dubai airport and grounded passenger planes.

What makes the awareness more significant is that half of the drone owners know nothing about the registration of drone with the General Civil Aviation Authority. Although, compliance with the rules is difficult because most drones come with inbuilt cameras and it is not possible to register with the authority at the point of sale.

In the meantime, consumers are confused, particularly about the ban on cameras. “They’ll have to start removing the cameras from the drones sold here as I think most of them have them,” said Sean Blacksmith, from the UK.

“It’s going to be very difficult to enforce that rule and I don’t think it’s fair to blame the buyer because you don’t make much of a choice as the camera is already on the drone,” Mr Blacksmith said.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Al Dossari of GCAA said, “Only a limited number of private drone operators have knowledge of the law regarding entering civil airspace, air traffic control and avoidance procedures and safety issues surrounding that.”

Source: SuasNews