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Dubai Municipality to automate building permits through BPCA

Dubai Municipality has announced a mega e-services project, Building Permits & Control Application, to automate the procedure of applying and obtaining building permits and the process of Building Controls in the emirate of Dubai.

The new online services, which are aimed at contractors and consultants of Building and Constructions projects in Dubai, will reduce the time taken to issue building permits by over 80 per cent. The initiative is in line with Dubai Municipality’s vision to take forward Dubai’s ‘e-government’ initiative, by offering several services online, through its portal- www.dm.gov.ae.

While applying for building permits, project consultants and building engineers need to submit the blueprints of the proposed building along with the qualifications and credentials of the building consultants. The large amount of paper work generated, must first be meticulously scrutinised by Municipal authorities before granting a building permit. Such a procedure could be cumbersome and time-consuming. The new service will enable the applicants to make the building permit applications online, through a user-friendly form, which will be hosted on www.dm.gov.ae.

Details of the projects can be registered using the online form and supporting documents can be sent to the Municipality on a CD. Municipal Authorities are now exploring options for receiving the supporting documents electronically. The fee payment for the application can be made either by e-Dirham or credit card.

A total of 100 e-services are planned for Building Permits & Control Application, of which 74 services are exclusively designed for building permits and the rest for building controls. Of the 74 services meant for building permits, 24 of them will be live and online before the end of March 2005.

The second phase in Building Permits & Control Application will see the automation of Building Control processes. Dubai Municipality’s building inspectors will be equipped with Advanced GIS to enable them to enter remarks or violations if any, in their ‘data-loggers’ (electronic log books) during their field surveys. The remarks will automatically be updated in the database of the Municipality, who in turn can impose fines on any violation.