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Dubai municipality roads department selects Intergraph distributors to implement intelliwhere technology in traffic navigation system

Dubai Municipality’s Roads Department has chosen Intergraph distributor Intergraph Middle East LLC (IMEL), and Intergraph Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider GCWare, spol. s.r.o., to supply and implement location-based GIS technology for the creation of a Dynamic Integrated Navigation System (DINS) to provide real-time route and traffic information to commuters and travelers. The DINS project is a logical and functional extension of Dubai’s existing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that uses sensors to monitor traffic on major arterial roads. Furnishing the public with this information will reduce traffic congestion on roads in the city and will provide a time-saving service for commuters and travelers. In addition, the DINS will enable subscribers to:

· Receive real-time traffic updates via Short Message Service (SMS)
· Check the current status of traffic intensity via the Internet using a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or desktop computer and obtain alternate route suggestions
· Use an in-car navigation CD for turn-by-turn directions together with real-time traffic updates via the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and Radio Data System (RDS) transmissions
· Perform trip planning on a mobile phone or PDA

The solution is based on the IntelliWhere LocationServer Professional server-side technology. The IntelliWhere LocationServer Professional technology is used to location enable applications from Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions’ IntelliWhere division. GCWare, spol. s.r.o. will implement the project in three phases with the assistance of consultants from IntelliWhere and data specialists from CEDA (Central European Data Agency, a.s.). Intergraph Middle East LLC (IMEL) was established in 1982 to sell and support Intergraph products in the Middle East. IMEL has offices in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Bahrain, and business partners in Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Yemen and Jordan. GCWare, spol. s r.o., located in Prague, Czech Republic, started its business activities at the end of 1998. During 1999, it expanded in the region and now, in close cooperation with Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, generates 70 percent of its revenues from international markets. The company is also very active as a traditional GIS and aeronautical mapping implementation provider. GCWare develops its own solutions such as GCWare Fast Routing Component Set(R), providing functionality for routing and location-based information searches.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions is a leading geospatial solutions provider for the following markets: local, state and federal government; transportation; utilities; communications; location-based services; photogrammetry; remote sensing; cartography; and military and intelligence. IntelliWhere is a division of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. IntelliWhere’s focus is on the rapidly growing location-based technology and services market. The division combines more than 30 years of experience in spatial and location-based technologies with a global infrastructure that supports the implementation of solutions around the world. IntelliWhere is represented in more than 60 countries through Intergraph Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiaries and distributor network.