Dubai hotspots to go cool and green soon

Dubai hotspots to go cool and green soon


Dubai: Dubai will embark on a major environmental venture that will see “cool and green” initiatives being adopted in the ‘hotspots’ of the emirate. This comes after an extensive, mid-air thermal mapping project which helped to determine the temperature in the region.

Painting house roofs in white to reflect the suns rays, planting trees around buildings and industrial establishments are some of the methods that may be implemented to reduce heat experienced in some parts of the emirate.

The Dubai Aerial Thermal Survey, a joint venture of the Environment Department and Geographic Information System (GIS) Department of Dubai Municipality, covered 600 square km of the emirate’s area. As many as 30,000 aerial photos were taken to create a thermal map that now helps identify the temperature difference in different locations.

Director of GIS Department Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaffin told Khaleej Times that thermal cameras attached to special mapping aircraft were used for the aerial survey which was conducted with the assistance of COWI, a European company specilaised in the field of aerial mapping.

The novel project was initiated last year and was completed recently. Al Zaffin said the aerial pictures were taken in October and November due to the moderate climate experienced during that time of the year.

The thermal cameras captured temperatures on the ground level in different colours with red indicating the areas with highest temperatures, and green and blue medium and low temperatures respectively.

“There are various reasons for experiencing different temperature levels in different locations. In urban areas, more roads mean more temperature as asphalt does not reflect the solar heat but absorbs it,” he said.

The specific details of the survey are now with the Environment Department which has already come up with various suggestions to reduce the high level of temperatures in the ‘hotspots’ found on the thermal map.

“They are already making field visits to these areas to plan and put more green initiatives to reduce the level of temperature,” said Al Zaffin.

Source: Khaleej Times