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Dubai e-Government to reach its goal

Dubai e-Government is on track to reach its goal of offering 90 per cent of Government services through innovative channels by 2007, which will enable at least 50 per cent of transactions to be conducted online by the same period.

Speaking at an e-Government workshop organised by Jordan Business Council, Dubai, Mahmood Al Bastaki, Acting e-Services Director, Dubai e-Government, said the more immediate goal of Dubai e-Government was to efficiently and effectively offer 70 per cent of government services through innovative channels by 2005. “Dubai e-Government has made significant progress by placing more than 1,600 government services on electronic platforms,” Al Bastaki said. He explained some of the new synergistic tools that will considerably enhance the levels of delivery of a wide range of e-Services. The new synergetic tools includes:

· e-Integrate electronic business integration service that enables workflow-based electronic documents processing,
· e-Delivery electronic processing for courier services,
· e-Jawaz electronic authentication, single sign on and authorisation service,
· e-Feedback, which enables government departments to involve members of the public in surveys,
· e-Learn, a project aimed at delivering online training services to government departments, residents and businesses,
· e-Job, a centralised recruitment system that brings together job-seekers and government departments on one electronic platform, and
· e-Library, a programme that encourages the use of new technology to make public libraries more effective in providing information and knowledge to larger sections of the community.