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Dubai and Zayed University agree to conduct GIS training

Dubai Municipality and Zayed University’s Smart Square signed a mutual agreement recently to conduct a training programme on GIS for 20 selected national candidates, with effective contribution from National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia). The training programme comes as part of the memorandum of understanding signed in March this year between the Municipality and the University on cooperation in administrative and technical fields. According to the agreement, Smart Square will, on behalf of Dubai Municipality hire 20 fresh graduates – ten of them degree holders and ten secondary school certificate holders and educate them in GIS basics and project methodologies over a period of twelve months. They will also undergo on site training at Dubai Municipality facilities and workstations.

While the major chunk of the expenses for the course will be met by Dubai Municipality, a part of the expenses will be met by Tanmia. Tanmia, as a specialised institution to aid development of UAE nationals, supports the initiative as partner of Smart Square and Dubai Municipality. Tanmia’s role includes selecting potential national trainees and enhancing their effective participation and performance. It is engaged in a sponsoring and co-ordinating role, between national job seekers, Smart Square and Dubai Municipality.

‘This programme serves two basic objectives that Dubai Municipality always wanted to achieve, that is to depend on a qualified national workforce to undertake the activities of the Municipality, and to set up a basis for fast pace development by acquiring the necessary skills for serving different departments of the Municipality,’ said Qassim Sultan, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

The purpose of this trainee programme is to educate the trainees in GIS-based data manipulation and capture, creation of data sets for use with GIS and training of staff in handling of GIS. The topics of the course include Oracle Administration, Introduction to GIS, Introduction to Digital Image Processing, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcView GIS, Map Objects and Building Geodata Base. The trainee are aimed to be in a position to perform any task needed to accomplish complex graphical and database update, maintenance and validation activities using GIS and other general purpose software tools under limited supervision as well as performing normal and complex graphical data capture and update activities and performing basic database creation, maintenance and validation activities using GIS tools.

‘This project ensures the success of Zayed University’s concept of setting up specialised centres, which can utilise its capabilities in developing the skills of the individuals and return them back for the benefit of the society,’ said Dr. Hanif Al Qassimi, President of Zayed University, adding that it will be the comprehensive role of the University as far as its academic and research capacities are concerned. He said the practical nature of the Smart Square allows it to provide high-level services to reduce the gap between education and the requirements of the job market.

Involving young graduates for expert works and projects and setting up a network of dialogue and communication with a number of necessary aspects for any project is an important aspect in increasing self confidence and competitive capabilities in them to join establishments with competence and efficiency to manage the tasks from day one of accepting a job.