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Dubai and Vietnam now available on VideoStreetView

Dubai, UAE: VideoStreetView.com announced addition of Dubai, Saïgon and Hanoï to its website, enabling travellers and businessmen to assess destinations and explore the cities online.

VideoStreetView uses its immersive 360° video mapping solutions to create interactive experience for the users and provide true e-tourism experience. Until now, those rapidly evolving cities did not have any StreetView coverage and it proved difficult for people to imagine what they look like for real. But, now VideoStreetView enables users to explore these cities in 360° immersive video.

According to GlobalVision’s VideoStreetView.com project manager, Jan-Mathieu Donnier, VideoStreetView can be used for anything from virtual tourism to real estate location scouting, including Point of Interests (POI) that allow for detailed information on a particular place. Donnier added, “We want to offer 360° geo-referenced images for major-cities, around the world.”

VideoStreetView.com website is currently available in 6 languages. It displays an aerial map, combined with 360° videos and features an instant search-box along with streets index and POIs.
A panda character, appears on the map, indicating the position of the video-stream being played and what direction it is facing. The panda can be rotated in all directions and drag-dropped anywhere to get the view at that point in the immersive video.

In addition, Donnier explained, “We developed hardware and software solution that enables us to capture an entire city in a few days. Moreover, our coverage area does not stop on the streets; we may also include walking areas and even buildings, hotels and museums interiors whenever asked to do so. We now have all tools available to provide StreetView in full-motion immersive video and high-quality still images for whoever may need so, wherever on earth this is needed.”

Source: www.globalvision.ch