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DSU agriculture programme needs money

US: Dickinson State University`s (DSU) Agriculture Department has been making great strides using technology to help farmers become more efficient, while preparing students for the real world. But federal money is running out and administrators are racing the clock to save a programme, which they say fits the needs of students and the state.

A Homeland Security grant, which gave the programme more than USD 500,000 over the past 6 years, will expire next month. “The agro-security grant allowed us to establish ourselves, in terms of use of those tools. Our challenge now is how do we continue to take where we are now and grow into the future?” said Dr. Chip Poland, chair of DSU’s Agriculture Department.

Administrators are scrambling to find new funding. Without proper funding, they say current successes will become stagnant. Even, students are quite concerned. DSU senior Andrena Gasper helps make maps for local ranchers to track cattle and cities to evaluate zoning. Gasper said, ” In the agricultural jobs, mapping skills with GIS is a big benefit. This program is huge! It`s definitely going to be beneficial for training, and especially in agriculture.”

DSU has been collaborating with North Dakota State University (NDSU) on the project.

Source: KFYRTV