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Drought raises forest fire fears in Thailand

A combination of dry weather and the accumulation of fuel has put Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai at a critical risk from forest fires this year, Mr. Parinya Panthong, the province’s deputy governor warned.

Mr. Parinya Panthong said that satellite images showed that forest fires were likely to break out in several areas of the province. The local office of natural resources and the environment has been asked to launch a public campaign explaining the dangers of air pollution and how to avoid creating it, particularly during the dry season months between February and May.

Recent reports from the Pollution Control Department suggests that atmospheric pollution in Bangkok is currently at ‘acceptable’ levels, and will not have an impact on the health of residents. But in parts of Chiang Mai, dust particles are at unacceptably high levels, and local children, the elderly and other residents suffering respiratory problems have been told to stay at home as much as possible.